Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Women Workers

This picture shows women working in the War Effort in World War II. With a large segment of the male population serving in the military, women stepped up and filled many jobs formerly considered as a man's work. Throughout World War II, women demonstrated that they could perform a variety of trades and professional jobs. When the men returned from war, many of the women remained in the workforce.


  1. My Grandmother worked in this effort. She did the wiring in the airplanes.
    Her family says it was one of her happier times, it is also the only time they saw her in pants.
    Again great photos. Ny

  2. We posted a link to your blog. You inspired our Old Photo Sundays. You might get 2 more readers tee hee.
    Thanks Ny

  3. Women such as these aka "Rosier the Riveter" helped win the war through their contribution on the home front. Many of them had never considered the idea of having a place in the work force, they had been raised in a society that dictated that a woman's place was as a home maker.


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