Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Canadian Mountie

Canada week continues here at OPOD with this picture of a Royal Mounted Canadian Police. The picture was taken in 1917 near Dawson City. I was hoping we would hear from some of our Canadian friends this week in the comments, but we have not. Perhaps we do not have any Canadian visitors any more?


  1. PJM:

    This is the best photo in your series so far.

    Beautiful photo, beautiful horse. I especially like the formality of the Mountie's pose.

    We still have mounted police tere in Providence, Rhode Island. They make an imposing presence, I assure you, and are excellent for crowd control.

    Their stables are more luxurious than my house.

  2. Baltimore City still uses mounted police; the horses are retired race horses, because they are used to crowds and noise. There was a move afoot to discontinue them but the public raised such a stink that City Hall backed down. The horses are fantastic for crowd control, little kids (and old ladies) love them, and they can scoot between cars and "on the scene" very quickly.

  3. The proper name of the organization is Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP.

  4. Standardbred horses are very popular for police work because they have legs of iron and extremely calm temperaments. Lovely horses.
    I have a photo collection of RCMP on horseback and this is my personal favorite. The horse has a great conformation for work and the rider has a nice seat.

  5. Looks like he is mounted either on a Canadian (yes, it's a breed) or a Morgan horse. Great photo.

  6. Hi Meredith
    Totally agree. Remounts had a lot of morgan blood. I visited your website. It's great to see morgans bred for real work. The morgans bred for show are getting finer and sportier, but I like the traditional type even more.

  7. It's only missing faithful wonder dog Yukon King.


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