Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grandmother Wallis

Today we get a glimpse of Grandmother Wallis, grandmother to our own Ray in the UK. Ray is one of our regulars here at OPOD, and he has often won the Saturday Mystery Person contest. This picture was taken near Lincolnshire in the early 1800's. I am not sure what she is sitting on, but it reminds me of the movie Dr. Strangelove. You remember in the closing scene that think Slim Pickens was riding?


  1. Based on the clothing fashion, I would say this photo was taken in the early 20th century. Maybe the 1920 to 1925. Also she maybe sitting on a old cannon.

  2. Looks as if it is a cannon; notice on the foundation that there is graffiti; some initials and other writing that i cannot make out.

  3. What a happy countenance. It certainly looks like she's learned to stop worrying.

  4. looks l0ike a cannon to me too, also looks like 00it is r0id0ing on a track o0f some sort

  5. The week is almost over and I am hoping I am not the only one who wishes you would continue showing "our old pictures" for a while longer. They have been great, and there is a least a bit of information on them. Last weeks' Nebraska farm families were
    some of your best. I likie!

  6. Such style! Lovely clothes.

    I agree with anonymous. If not now, would you occasionally do more family photos?

  7. Definitely 1920 to 1925. After the Great War and before the Great Depression. A very happy time, indeed. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.

  8. What a great photo. I thought she was maybe sitting on the deck of a ship of some sort.

    I agree with the previous posters that this photo was probably taken in the early 1920s.

    I LOVE the hat and the shoes.

  9. PJM:

    Yes, I remember the Slim Pickens scene WELL. It's one of my husband's favorite movies.

    I, too, hope you continue with the family photos - they're great.

  10. I think I see 1920 in the carved grafetti in the wood but I don't trust my 70 years old eyes like I used to.

  11. Thanks to all for comments and date

    I thought the photo was taken around 1920, but my sister thinks
    closer to 1900.
    As Anon said, there seems to be
    some graffiti showing 1920.

    I knew her in the late 1950s when
    she was over eighty. She was a lovely woman with always a kind
    word for me and my sisters. By the
    time I was eleven I stood a head
    taller than her.

    Thanks PJM for showing the

  12. she's sitting on a large, un-mounted naval gun. see the trunions on the right?

  13. Just want to say that I love your pics! I have always loved old pics and am amazed that you manage to come up with so many!

  14. Lovely woman. She has a cane, I wonder if it's hers or it belongs to someone else.

    When I see such a happy smile I always wonder who was taking the photo and if the smile was for the photographer or someone nearby. Remember the movie, "Somewhere in Time" and the photo taken of Elise (Jane Seymour)?

  15. Thank you for your kind comment
    The walking stick belonged to my
    grandfather who also took the

  16. Heather:

    That's one of my FAVORITE movies. I remember that scene well. She's having the photo taken, and she turns and sees Chris Reeve standing there, and she smiles.

    And then HE sees that photo 70 years later.

    Poor Chris Reeve, he was SO handsome!!


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