Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mining Town

This picture shows the mining town of Dawson City in the Yukon. The picture was taken in 1897. You can see lots of construction going on. It looks like it is pretty muddy on the dirt streets.

OK, lots of you were saying we should have another visitor appreciation week, even before the last visitor appreciation week was over. During visitor appreciation week, I show pictures that you send in. So, in order for us to have another visitor appreciation week, you all must send in some of your favorite old family photos. We are looking for interesting pictures, which usually means candid photos of everyday life, long ago. These are better than studio portraits. So, the key element of pulling this off again would be for you all to send in some good pictures.

I notice in the poll results that while things initially started off in my favor that the electric company had sabotaged my gas line, the poll is moving to the direction of me being paranoid. Possibly I should have had a third option on the poll . . . PJM is paranoid, but none-the-less, the electric company probably sabotaged his water line.


  1. You're not paranoid, the whole thing is WAY too coincidental.

    Sort of like that "Balloon Family" thing going on in Colorado.

    REALLY. I hope you filed a claim with the utility guys re your culvert. I'm sure they broke your water line, even if it was accidental.

  2. If you enlarge this photo, the building on the right, in the back, looks like it has a sign on the front that says "Miner's Home."

    Is that right?

    If so, they must have lived there. I'd never have survived.

  3. Your blog is truly vintage, very nice pics. Good luck.


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