Thursday, February 25, 2010

Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Today we feature a picture of the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. He created many of the statues of Civil War heroes found across the country. Of all the important artwork he created, he is most remembered for creating the design for the US "Double Eagle" twenty dollar gold piece. Many people consider this to be one of the most beautiful coins ever created.

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  1. He also created the famous (or perhaps infamous) statue of Diana that now stands in the front hall of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I wrote about this statue in my blog recently:

  2. I thought a picture of a "double eagle" would be an interesting addition. So here's a link. Thanks, PJM!

  3. Thanks for the link Steve. It looks like he is working on a relief of a painter in this photo.

  4. I clicked on the photo to bring up the larger image. The picture looks like a sketch. I followed Steve's link to the 'double eagle' and continued to the story about the 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle being the highest prices coin to ever be sold. Interesting bit of history.

  5. Thanks for the link on the statue of Diana. Very pretty.

  6. So does the absence of any further comments about eggs, their usefulness in preparing breakfasts, and wife bribery - mean there have been no more? One egg and full stop?

    Running out of days and still have lots of sculptors to go - course we finished the general week a bit shy of the some of the greater generals as well.

    Must be tough running a picture blog with only 6 days to highlight the best of the best.

    I am rambling because I want to be sure to do my part in encouraging the blogomeister to keep up the good work. I'll shut up now.

  7. I don't know if you are kidding about the embargo or not.
    But you are the one who posts things that either draw comments or keep people from commenting.
    If the things you post are HO-HUM then naturally people aren't going to comment.
    So it is your responsibility to post interesting things if you want your readers to comment.
    So if there is to be an embargo, then it should be your reader doing the embargoing for lack of interest.

  8. Great website but you gotta stop the whole threat of embargo thing. It's rather passive/aggressive behavior and patronizes the audience. If I want drama, I'll watch the soaps.

    I certainly enjoy your efforts but if the number of daily comments don't satiate some personal inner desire, then, be a man and simply just stop posting.

  9. Mr. PJM,

    What Anonymous and Pants Around the Ankles (sounds like the "idol" hit Pants on the Ground) said... enh, whatever, some people just aren't happy unless they're complaining.

    Anyway, the reason I came into Comments today is to say, "Picture Embargo Threat Level:" made me laugh. We regular readers recognize where you're coming from, and thank you.

  10. I would think a more appropriate system for the site would be monochromatic.

    However 'Picture Embargo Threat Level: Sepia' is admittedly rather ambiguous.

  11. Wow! With a profile like that, he should have sculpted himself! Whoo hoo!

    (Whoops! Don't tell my husband.)

    Thanks for featuring my fave American sculptor.

  12. I for one am glad to see threat level guess is that there are many like myself who visit daily, enjoy the picture, the banter, then slip unseen into our day...sincere thanks PJM!

  13. Dear Mr PJM,

    due to your picture embargo notice i feel obliged to let you know that i follow your blog since early 2008 and visit it at least once a week. i haven't posted anything during this time and never even dared to submit a suggestion in the mystery person contests. i almost never have a clue (the reason might be that i'm from germany) but i immensely enjoy browsing through the comments :)

    last but not least your blog has inspired me to choose literature from the civil war era and the great depression as topics for my oral masters exam, which i hopefully will be taking this year.

    your pictures have more than once made my day ~ so: thank you very very much and please keep up the fabulous work!

    kind regards,
    anne from germany


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