Sunday, February 21, 2010

Henry Bush-Brown

Today we kick off Great Sculptors week. It actually got started yesterday with Gutzon Borglum, who did Mount Rushmore. Today, we feature Henry Bush-Brown. He was a great sculptor of the early 1900's, and he was famous for doing scenes with people and horses. The picture above is a great example of his work. I find this type of artwork amazing, and would love to have a bronze of the piece above. Bush-Brown did many of the statues and monuments at the Gettysburg battlefield.


OK, I promised a major announcement today, and here it is. I heard some commotion out in Chickie Town yesterday afternoon. I went out, and found all 10 chickens in the peacock palace. They were all cackling and carrying on. I went in, and there it was . . . the first egg. Mother and egg were doing fine.

It is interesting that it is Miss Lilly who laid the first egg. She was sitting up on the little laying box just singing and singing. All the others were excited as well. I found it interesting that Miss Lilly is the smallest of the chickens, and has been low on the pecking order, yet she laid the first egg.

Wanting to make the most of it, I did not tell Mrs. PJM, but hid the egg, and then got up early this morning to make her a spectacular breakfast. While this first egg was on the small side, as would be expected, I was most impressed with its quality. It had a very nice hard shell, and when you broke it and put it in the pan, the yolk was a deep orange. Also, the yolk was very firm, and did not flatten out in the pan.

So, I cooked Mrs. PJM breakfast, and had it all ready when she came downstairs, including toast on home made bread, and home made, hard cured, slow smoked Canadian bacon. She was wonderfully surprised, and went on and on about how it was the best egg she had ever had, and what a "peach" of a husband I was to get the egg thing set up, and for making such a wonderful breakfast.

Now, I must say that since I have achieved the coveted "Peach" status as a husband, I feel that the tractor is all but in the bag. I just need a few more wins like this, and springtime should most certainly result in a shiny little tractor out behind the house.

Also, I have determined that the breakfast above could possibly be the most expensive breakfast in recorded history.

1) Orange Juice - 29 cents
2) Canadian Bacon - 17 cents
3) Tea - 10 cents
4) Toast - 12 cents
5) Egg (Cost of chicken operation amortized over 1 egg) $8,000

Good news is that the next egg will only cost $4,000.


  1. Good PJM, Congratulations! Now you know what is it like to be a farmer! Large investment and most of the time little return some years - all depends on Mother Nature! I can see a John Deere tractor in your near future. I was really impressed by your table setting too. Mrs. PJM must be in a great mood today.

  2. what a sculptor...

    Henry Bush-Brown was the man

  3. Well now I wonder if George T Morgan or James Earle Fraser will make your list?

  4. Welcome to Chicken Farming PJM. I think I'm down to $20.00 an egg!!!

    I will really enjoy sculptor's week. Borglum also did the statue of Gen. Philip Sheridan on Renzi that is in Washington DC.

  5. just don't try to boil them, you'll never get the peel off, it'll stick real bad. apparently you have to have an old egg in order to make good boiled eggs.

  6. Beautiful breakfast. I love the China.

  7. Congratulations. That tractor is in the bag. Enjoy playing Oliver Wendall Douglas on your own Green Acres.

    The sculpted piece is beautiful.

  8. I wouldn't go on too much about the cost of the egg. Mrs PJM may decide this "Gentleman Farmer" business is too expensive for a hobby and suggest planting rose gardens instead.

  9. This work in paster titled, "Buffalo Hunt," was one of the 148 sculptures featured in the American Section of the Fine Arts Building during the Columbian Exhibition. This same building is now the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

  10. PJM, February 3rd I was at Tractor Supply to get a new harness for one of our dog's. They had a very nice snow thrower for $799, and now that I have 300 feet of drive to clear, I thought maybe I should buy it. I was in the car so I gave a little more thought to it, and now it is February and winter is almost over, so no need to buy a snow thrower. February 6th we recieved 30 inches of snow.
    My advice...Buy the tractor now. The time for spring planting is here.

  11. Very good advice Charlie B., I would hate to get in a last minute rush as planting season arrives. Also, as egg production continues to increase, I feel a tractor would help with the work out in Chickie Town. Also, as prices on everything appears to be going up, now would be the optimum time to buy. Perhaps I will bring your concerns up with Mrs. PJM.

  12. Photo and domestic update were most egg-cellent!

  13. Mr. PJM, while I have never raised chickens, I know people who have/do, and they've said that in regions that have seasons, chickens take a break from laying eggs in the winter.
    So, congratulations on the first fruits of your new empire!
    (A new tractor is definitely in order!)


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