Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mystery Person Contest

February 20th will be the day I finally defeat the Evil Nate Maas. It will be the day I defeat you all. I put a lot of thought in this contest, and I am quite confident none of you will get it. Let the Games Begin!


  1. I have no idea, but he appears to be someone that doesn't take kindly to having his picture taken.

  2. Good morning Indy, I was beginning to wonder if anyone was up this morning.

    I feel confident in my victory today.


  3. Are you sure you're not quietly confident?

  4. Good morning. Is this Clark Howell?

  5. Ha! the Evil Nate Maas comes up short this morning.

    Yes, today I will defeat Nate, today I will defeat you all!

  6. Wilson's Vice President Thomas Marshall.

  7. It looks like the mayor, Eugene Schmitz

  8. Jim,
    No, it is not Thomas Marshall.

    Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with this contest.

    You are not worth! None of you are worthy. Ha Ha Haaaa.


  9. Anon,
    The objective of the contest is to say who the person IS, not who the person looks like.

    This is NOT Eugene Schmitz.

    hmmm . . . what should I have for my victory breakfast in the morning.

  10. San Francisco Mayor Schmitz? (he was Mayor around the time of the earthquake)

  11. Merideth,
    No, your entry is incorrect. Perhaps this person has to do with NEXT week's theme, not last weeks.

    Once again, I am one step ahead of you all.

  12. Is it "San Francisco earthquake ruins" Photographer George R. Lawrence?

  13. Anon,
    Your entry is incorrect. It is not George R. Lawrence.

    As stated in earlier comment, perhaps this person is not related to last week's theme.

    I am thinking that Belgian Waffles, with hash browns, home smoked canadian bacon, and blueberries would make an excellent victory breakfast for me in the morning.

  14. you sure are right, NM

  15. Darn it!!!!
    Defeated again by my Arch-Nemisis, Nate Maas.

    Yes, it is Gutzon Borglum, sculptor who made the Mount Rushmore monument.

    My plans for victory breakfast have been foiled again.

  16. God job Nate. I was going to guess Bat Masterson.


  17. Congratulations on your win Nate! Have a great day everyone.

  18. The Evil Nate Maas wins again! Great job!

    PJM, please console yourself. Once you have your tractor, you can eat tomatoes from your own garden for breakfast. Yummy!

  19. Thanks guys! In celebration, I think I shall pull my Massey Ferguson 35 out of our shed and take a quick victory lap around our farm.

  20. NOTE TO SELF: Call Mrs. PJM and cancel request for pure whipping cream. No longer needed. Breakfact celebration cancelled.

    Nate, perhaps you would share your winning strategy? The picture had no context, so what made you think of a sculptor?


  21. Note to self:

    See if there is any designator worse than The Arch-Rival and Evil Nate Maas that Nate can be elevated to.

    That one was a cruel comment. Wait till next week my friend, oh just wait till next week.

  22. Sure thing. Here's my winning strategy:

    1. Take a road trip through South Dakota with two of your buddies.

    2. Stop at Mount Rushmore.

    3. Check out the visitor’s center because there might be something of historical interest.

    4. Ignore rude comments from your buddies about why you always have to stop and read historical stuff.

    5. Check out all the cool photos and pictures at the visitor center. Make sure to imprint image of Gutzon Borglum in your brain.

    6. Wait 15 years.

    7. Get yourself an online nemesis and follow his photo blog.

    8. Wait another year.

    9. Oversleep and then hobble downstairs.

    10. Check the OPD blog to see who won only to discover that no one has even guessed.

    11. Look at the person good because he looks familiar.

    12. Wrongly associate him with a slightly older photo of a Georgian newspaperman because you have been reading up on Georgia colleges.

    13. Goggle Clark Howell.

    14. Stare at Clark Howell. Reason that Clark Howell could have been at the White House.

    15. Submit guess.

    16. Check the OPD blog again.

    17. Ignore comments from nemesis.

    18. Start thinking about medal around neck of mystery person.

    19. Start brainstorming San Francisco earthquake heroes.

    20. Google Lt. Frederick Freeman because you don’t know what he looks like.

    21. Google Frederick Funston just in case.

    22. Laugh because you find it ironic that both men had FF initials.

    23. Start thinking that this is someone really obscure.

    24. Ignore comments from wife who is now up and inquiring why you can’t guess the person.

    25. Think about who else would be wearing a medal. Start thinking of early Olympians who might return to the White House in the 1920s.

    26. Hear from wife on other computer that nemesis is off of earthquake theme.

    27. Give laptop to son who wants to check out Club Penguin.

    28. Go for a run with wife.

    29. Try and talk about mystery person.

    30. Change subject when she’s clearly not as taken with line of conversation.

    31. Return from run.

    32. Notice that nemesis is talking about Belgian waffles and figure he must be hinting at the 1920 Olympics.

    33. Wonder why an Olympian would be smoking a stogie.

    34. Try and remember famous Belgian-Americans.

    35. Remember photo of Gutzon Borglum from 16 years previous.

    36. Try and remember if Gutzon Borglum was Belgian or Danish.

    37. Google Gutzon Borglum.

    38. Laugh in an unusually evil way.

    39. Submit answer.

    40. Take victory lap in tractor to savor victory.

  23. Note to self:
    There is no limit to the extent the Evil Nate Maas will go to to deprive me of victory. No more contests related to Mount Rushmore, due to NM visit to visitor center.

  24. You 2 could be the local entertainment for weeks!

  25. Nate, thats Gutzy's watch around his neck.

  26. Good going, Nate.
    Like your 40 point winning
    strategy, very creative.

  27. Well said, Maybelline, I do sooooo much agree! ;- )

  28. ENM, you had me in stitches about your strategy. Especially the wait 15 years and then get a blog nemesis. Hilarious.
    I do think that they are calling you Evil far to much though. Even mid week during non Mystery Person contest you are referred to as Evil.


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