Monday, February 22, 2010

Paul Wayland Bartlett

Good Monday morning to you all. This morning we feature a picture of Paul Wayland Bartlett. He is the man standing in the dark suit. Bartlett was responsible for the sculpture work on the Pediment of the House of Representatives at the US Capitol. He is pictured here as the work is in progress. This is really a masterpiece. I think a lot of times we walk right by these works on buildings without hardly noticing them.


  1. Those sculptures really are a work of art... and Mr. Bartlett looks like quite he dapper fella himself☺

  2. So did he create the sculptures elsewhere and then move them onto the building? Cos those workers look like they have been working and he, well, doesn't.

  3. You're right - most of the time we never even notice this stuff, nor do we appreciate the work that went into it.

    Although - I love Mt. Rushmore.


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