Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mystery Contest

OK, let the contest begin!


  1. Harriet Tubman

  2. Dave,
    Very good, yes, Harriet Tubman, who ran the underground railroad during the Civil War.

  3. Good morning Mr. PJM and Dave!
    And good job, Dave, congrats.
    Looks like Mr. PJM has lots to do today.
    As for me, I just didn't want the comment risk level to reset.

  4. Awe..and I recognized her! Congrats Dave:)

  5. Any background details on the photo?
    When, where, etc?

  6. The photo is from the Library of Congress historical photo collection, which is a lot of fun to browse! the LOC reproduction number is LC-USZ62-7816, and you can search for the photo on the website by that number. There you will find the entire image including the section below the photo were the following caption is written:

    "Harriet Tubman (1823-1913)
    nurse, spy and scout"

    An interesting way to sum up a life, but since it was written at least 50 years after the "Underground Railroad" days (nice tie in to the week's theme, btw!) I'm guessing the caption's writer was just trying to do the best they could.

    Photographer was H. B. Lindsley, but I have no info on him. The LOC website lists the date of the photo as between 1860 and 1875.

  7. Drat - I recognized her! Congratulations, Dave!

  8. I also knew her right off. Marvelously brave woman, who went through a LOT. Read her story and stop complaining about your own life. For what it's worth, hher "Feast Day" (which she shares with Sojourner Truth) in the Anglican church is July 20, so you almost made it on time.


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