Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oil Field

Welcome to Wildcatter week here at OPOD. We will look at pictures from the early days of the oil industry. The picture above shows the oil boom in Burkburnett, Texas in 1919. The picture was taken 8 months after oil was discovered. It reminds me of the movie, There Will Be Blood. That is the type of movie I usually really like, but I did not like that particular movie. It could have been a real good movie, but the story was not that great. Also, I did not like the part where he beat the guy with the bowling pin. 

Domestic Update:

I made lots of progress on the greenhouse this last week, but it does not show that much in the picture. I got the end walls built, and the aluminum glazing put on. The glazing is the aluminum channels connected to the arches, which will hold the polycarbonate cover in place. I have been working out there 10 hours a day, and it has been over 100 degrees every day. It is really a very hard job. I would say that it is just almost impossible to build this thing. There are errors in the construction manual, and errors in the blueprints. Then you get confused if what you are seeing is an error in the plans, or if you just don't understand the plans. Anyway, the good news is that they have a person that knows how to build it, and you can email him with questions, and he usually responds within an hour or so. So, slowly but surely I am getting it done.

I have four more pieces of glazing to connect, and then I should be pretty close to putting the polycarbonate cover on. That will be the moment of truth, as all the dimension have to be precise in order for the polycarbonate sheets to fit properly. I have been very careful, and hope they fit.

Also, I am happy to announce that Handsome Jack and Miss Kitty had two baby peacocks. Handsome is turning out to be a veritable paterfamilias. They ended up with two baby peacocks. There were four eggs. The first egg hatched, but that little guy died in the first our. I am not sure what happened. Then one egg was a dud, and then two hatched healthy babies . . . Elvira and Jumping Jack Flash. I can already see that Jumping Jack Flash is going to be a fine peacock when he grows up. We got them in the peacock palace to protect them for the first month or so.

So, this summer Handsome and Lovie had two babies, Handsome and Elly May had three babies, and Handsome and Miss Kitty had two. That gives us 7 new peacocks, and a total of 13 all together. 


  1. I was wondering about the third set of eggs, but now you have answered that question.

    What you should do is pull a plastic tarp up over the frame work so you can have some shade for the HOT sun.
    You may have to move it around some to where you are working, but soem shade is better than none.
    Your green house has really turned into some what of a challenge.

  2. It is hard to believe the number of oil rigs visible in that picture. You can bet there were plenty of fights out there, holy cow!

    I can't help but think of the early debate about whether you should do the whole greenhouse yourself or get some professional help. I'm glad you got some help! I'll bet Mrs. PJM is glad too. Wonder if she's glad enough to let you get a tractor?

  3. In North Dakota, they only alllow one oil well to a quarter of land.
    They could all be almost right next to each other. but in a square mile section of land they divide it into quarters and there can only be one well in that quarter.

  4. As for the movie, the part with the bowling pin was integral.

    It was that oil strike which caused his boy to lose his hearing and the oil strike which launched the preacher's career. All his problems in life stem from that oil strike, being ostracised from his boy, and the preacher, representing all the weaker men come suckling up to the more powerful.

    The moment was almost inevitable. The bowling pin is the logical conclusion to all those events. The strike which made him ruined him as well. After the bowling pin, the course of those events are done. It's over.

  5. Oh, good! I'm looking forward to a good week here at OPOD - Texas, risk takers, oilmen - excellent! I've been back and forth on seeing There Will Be Blood, guess I can do without. The Mrs. has us trying Netflix for a month. Maybe you can suggest some favorites in it's place.

  6. My dad was born in the Bosco Oilfield. Says so on his certificate of live birth.
    The local watering hole was called the boiling pond, because of all the fights between the 'American' oilmen and the locals. Of course boiling pond is the Americanized version. It was the something marias in cajun french.

  7. Sounds like Handsome is a polygamist!!

  8. Is that a water well in the picture? Would the water be affected by all the oil brought up to the surface (taste or contents), I wonder?

  9. Peafowl: Peahens are the females. Peacocks are the adult males.


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