Monday, May 23, 2011

Aircraft Carrier

Today's picture is from World War II, and it shows a fighter about to take off from the flight deck. Notice that the flag in the foreground has 48 stars, as Alaska and Hawaii were not yet states.


  1. Interesting, The ship seems to have the wind off the starboard (right) side rather than heading right into the wind.
    Nice photo.

  2. Destroyer escort trailing off to the stern.
    I'm guessing that plane is a dive bomber or maybe and early torpedo bomber. It's got a rather large canopy for a pursuit plane.


  3. RTD:
    The wake of the carrier is curving, maybe they are turning into the wind? It would make the flag move in the direction of the turn too.

  4. The trailing ship is a US Navy destroyer (DD), there to pick up the pilot if his plane crashes (or flight deck crew if they fall over the side). The plane may be an single-seat F4F Wildcat fighter.

    The flight deck crew seems to be relaxed. There are a lot of guys in the galleries alongside the flight deck on both sides.

    The carrier is probably turning into the wind. The flag's position, of course, is a function of true wind speed and direction and the carrier's speed and direction.

    Just a guess, but this might be a engine maintenance test, or a plane that got left behind on previously-launched strike.


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