Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mushroom Cloud

Here is another photograph of an above-ground nuclear bomb test. I find there images to be eerie.


  1. As a kid, I lived in Henderson, Nevada. In the early days, the atomic tests were held pre-dawn, and were not announced ahead of time.

    I had an uncle in the Air Force who flew "in support" of the test and when he would come knocking at our door unannounced, we knew there would be a test the next morning. (Not that he ever said a word about it.)

    One morning, we got up and went outside and stood facing the test site, which was maybe 70 miles or so away, as the crow flies.

    It was very dark. First, an eerie light flashed, and it was light all around us, no shadows anywhere, but it was not a bright light.

    Then the light started to withdraw and long shadows appeared, pointed away from the blast site. The light withdrew to a point over the distant mountains.

    Next, an "angry" red cloud boiled up over the mountains, continuing to rise until it formed a mushroom and was light colored.

    Then, we heard dogs barking in the distance, from the direction of the mushroom. Very quickly the windows, etc. all around us began rattling and the neighborhood dogs started barking. Then the dogs off in the distance behind us started barking. It was like a "wave" of sound had washed over us and then on past us.

    Lastly, a breeze started at our backs and blew towards the mushroom cloud.

    Not an experience to be forgotten.

    I was in the eighth grade before the first test was held during the day and announced ahead of time. We all got out of school and went out on the playground and watched the mushroom cloud rise. It was called "Operation Big Shot."

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences. How incredible!

  3. I didn't mean to post without a name. Trying again!

  4. That cloud resembles a huge jellyfish - and even more lethal.

  5. @ Rebecca2 -- you must have been awestruck. And you recounted your memory so clearly that I saw the light change and watched the shadows and heard the sounds wash through. What a remarkable description. Thank you.

  6. Being 55 and still alive I find it somewhat ironic to think of the numbers of school children who will never have the chance to go through a school run Nuclear awareness drill? The idea that getting under the desk would help save you in the case of attack never even began to appear as totally silly until later when the old gray matter kicked in and you had a few chances to observe what some of those films of the BOMB tests were conveying!Complete and utter devastation to anything within a multi mile radius of ground zero!How in the name of all that's holy have we made it this far? (Rhetorical)Have a good day.


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