Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mystery Person Contest

Ready, Set, Go!

OK, you probably noticed that there was no post yesterday. The blog site was down for most of the day, so I could not post the picture. Things are back working today. I plan on continuing atomic week for another week.


  1. Klaus Fuchs, the spy who gave Manhattan Project secrets to the Soviets.

  2. Humph. You beat me to it. Well, here is more info on Klaus Fuchs from

    German refugee and theoretical physicist who worked with the British delegation at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project. After Fuchs' confession there was a trial that lasted less than 90 minutes, Lord Goddard sentenced him to fourteen years' imprisonment, the maximum for violating the Official Secrets Act. He escaped the charge of espionage because of the lack of independent evidence and because, at the time of the crime, the Soviet Union was not an enemy of Great Britain.[2] In December 1950 he was stripped of his British citizenship. He was released on June 23, 1959, after serving nine years and four months of his sentence at Wakefield prison. He was allowed to emigrate to Dresden, then in the German Democratic Republic.[3][4]

  3. Wasatch,
    Yes, we have a winner. Good job!

    Klaus Fuchs, Manhattan Project Spy.


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