Sunday, May 22, 2011

Navy Week

Welcome to Navy Week at OPOD. We kick the week off with this picture of the Hartford. This was the flagship of Admiral David Farragut, and it was the ship he fought from at the Battle of Mobile Bay. Unfortunately, this ship was not preserved, and sank in its dock in the 1900's and was then dismantled.

Domestic Update:

OK, there has been lots going on here, so I thought I better fill you in on some of the latest developments. Probably the most important issue is that the peacocks all have nests, and are sitting on their eggs. Elly May has her nest out in the bush, but things are more interesting with Lovie and Miss Kitty. Lovie decided this year to not repeat the disaster of laying her eggs in the chickie coop. This year, Lovie laid her eggs in the Peacock Palace.

Now, that leaves Elly May. If you remember last year, Elly May was a terrible mother. When her babies were three days old she went for a walk in the bushes with the boys, and she lost her babies and left them out in the brush. I had to help her go find them. Then with two babies, she had one taken by an owl, and then the other one she took for a walk and lost and then we never found that one. 

Well, this year, Elly May decided to lay her eggs in the peacock palace. The funny thing is that we would see her lay her egg in there, and then the next day it would not be there, but there would be an extra egg in Lovies nest. Yes, Lovie was stealing Miss Kitties eggs, and probably for good reason. Well after a few days Lovie ends up with 13 eggs in her nest (twice the normal size nest) and Miss Kitty ends up with no eggs. Then Lovie decides to start sitting on her ENORMOUS nest. At this point Miss Kittie realizes that she has been duped, and all her eggs stolen. So she decided to sit on top of Lovie. I kid you not, out in the peacock palace there was a huge nest of eggs, Lovie is on top of the eggs, and Miss Kittie is on top of Lovie. This went on for a couple of days, and they finally reached a compromise where they would both sit on the large nest side-by-side. Watching this huge mess unfold, I will be surprised if any of these eggs hatch.


  1. You do have fun keeping track of your fowl. Funny birds.

  2. Sounds like a good week coming up.

    I think you have some mentally retard peahens. They are to funny, and I suppose Handsome Jack is strutting all over the place

  3. Forgive my ignorance but what are the horizontal spar-like projections along the hull. They look too thin and stick out too far to be gun (cannon) barrels.


  4. Awesome turn of events with Lovie and Miss Kittie. Enjoy!

    Well written, and thank you for the domestic update.

  5. What a hoot! You had hubby and me laughing so hard. Those eggs are either going to be well hatched, or scrambled.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

  6. ..."Those eggs are either going to be well hatched, or scrambled"...

    Well said, Lady Anne!

    Hurrah for Navy week! Looking forward to some amazing photos, PJM.

  7. I am looking forward to this week's photos. This subject has always been facinating for me. My great-greatgrandfather was the captain of a sailing ship. I have not been able to find records in the family and learn more about him and his ship. My dad is the last of his family surviving and doesn't remember his name.

  8. Again, I posted w no name. Too early perhaps..ha! What am I doing wrong!

  9. I think it's fabulous that you have peacocks! I love birds. :)


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