Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aeromotor Windmill

Today's picture was taken in Indiana and it shows an Aeromotor Windmill. The Aeromotor Windmill company is still around, and its manufacturing plant is right here in San Angelo. When Electricity came to the countryside, many people turned the windmills off, and "advanced" to electric water pumps. Over time people realized that the cost of electricity in pumping water can be significant, and now many people are once again using windmills as a more efficient source of water in remote areas.


  1. No one has mentioned the sound a windmill makes as it pumps water. As a child, I was always fascinated by that sound. This was in New Mexico. My grandmother's windmill was too far away from the house but my aunt's was nearby, and I could hear it during the night, too.

    1. I guess it must be like living next to the train tracks, after awhile you don't hear the train when it goes by.
      I can't say I remember any sound except a slight wind noise, But I do remember others that did have s squeak to them.

  2. Whoa, looks like we might be getting close to a photo embargo.

    12 comments 2 days ago, 6 yesterday, 2 today (now 3).

    Mr. PJM, maybe people are just getting ready for you to go to Africa thinking you won't embargo from there.

  3. What goes around, comes around.....

  4. oh man. I'm going to have one of these windmills sitting outside of my cabin in the next year or two. It won't have to work. It will just be for looking pretty! : )

  5. Dadd: The sound I was referring to is the deep "resonating" sound of the pumping action -- not the turn of the windmill itself. Funny. Why do I remember it so well, and nobody else does? I know I'm "funny," -- but-----


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