Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bread in Africa

Today's picture was taken in the Sudan in 1936. It shows children selling bread on the streets. Bread appears to be a common part of the diet of just about all people. This looks like a desert, so wonder where the wheat came from to make the flour?


  1. The Nile runs through The Sudan; there is water for irrigation. The region of South Sudan also gets more rain than the north.

  2. Yes, and ever spring the Nile would flood the low lands and give the land some new soil like adding fertilizer.

    I see some of the venders got prime spots in the shade. That would be tough to have to sit in the sun all day.

  3. Although bread was not eaten in Japan until the Portuguese introduced it in the 16th century, it's very popular today. Readers might enjoy knowing that one common item is a noodle sandwich: two slices of bread with fried noodles as the filling. Yum!


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