Thursday, May 17, 2012

Picking Peas

Today's picture was taken in Georgia in 1939. It shows a family picking peas in their garden. I really like peas, and my favorite type of peas are Black Eyed Peas. They are not good canned or frozen, but fresh Black Eyed Peas are delicious.

Some interesting conversation yesterday on the 5 cent hamburger, and inflation. When you see a sign that says "5 cent hamburger", your first response is, "Wow I wish they were than much today", and then your second response is, "But people made a lot less back then". So which is it . . . are we getting more burgers or less burgers for an hour of work? 

My opinion is that I am working harder and harder for fewer and fewer burgers. I think not only am I getting fewer burgers for an hour of work, but the burgers are lower quality. I can remember in the 60's going to a diner and getting a huge DELICIOUS hamburger and a Dr. Pepper made with real cane sugar and made up fresh at the soda fountain. A very different dining experience, and one much superior to today's Micky D's. 


  1. Yes, I do agree with you. That the quality of the food was much better back when I was a kid. But then it could be that the eating out experience enhanced the taste also.
    Remember when we were young, eating out was a big treat, not an every day thing like it is now.

  2. Dadd, I found some Black Diamond watermelon seedlings at Walmart. I bought some, now to see how they work out.

    The family that picks together sticks together.
    Those kids look about as happy working in the garden as my kids do. It is amazing how much people are the same wherever you go.

    I prefer fresh green English peas, straight from the garden. My plants are about six inches and looking bonnie. They aren't flowering yet; they better hurry up, because the heat and humidity of summer will put a stop to them.

    Restaurants are now mostly all chains without much individuality to them at all. Due to minimum wage laws, they can't generally afford to hire enough workers to run the places properly and the food and service suffer for it. Around here the non-chain restaurants are quite expensive,such as 15 or 20 dollars for a bowl of soup. Exceptions are the many Chinese restaurants of various quality that dot the landscape.

    Yes, inflation is eating us alive. I cringe whenever I go shopping.

  3. I don't know about Dr Pepper but Cokes from mexico made with ral sugar are availasble in some grocery stors. They are identified by being in an old style glass bottle like the old cokes we remeber.I'll look around here and see if they have Dr Pepper and let you know.

    My daughter and her husband simply will not drink any other kind of soda.

  4. Peas and corn were key in survival during early years and up until WWII in central Virginia. This statement is used by the Stafford County Historical Society to relay some history.
    "PEAS originated in Africa and the Romans used them in several ways for food and feed. The immature pods were used similarly to green beans, the mature peas stored well for later use and the dry leaves were used as a meat substitute, a practice used today in some poor villages. Peas contain about 23% protein and are used by many vegetarians. Peas are tolerant of drought conditions and they are a legume which allows extraction of nitrogen, a basic plant food, from the air for placement in the soil for use by corn and other plants. Peas and corn were usually planted together in the absence of commercial fertilizer. Black-eyed and purple-hull are the most popular varieties for present day human consumption."

  5. Our Costco here in Sacramento has those Mexican Cokes and are they ever good. My favorite hot dog place also has them, and there is nothing better that a chili dog and one of those Mexican cokes.

  6. Myrtle, you mention fresh green English peas ... I remember when we were kids and my mother would set me and my brother to shell the peas for dinner for quite a large family. "And you must whistle and keep whistling while you are shelling them!" she would say with a laugh. It took a while for the penny to drop - if we were whistling we could not eat the raw peas! I also remember we used to enjoy chewing the empty pea pods for the wonderful juice that came from them.

  7. Can't remember who said it, but . . . the ingredient that makes everything delicious, and is almost universally missing in today's American diet, is the feeling of being hungry.

  8. I bought a couple of apples at the store today. They looked lovely--"Galas" (with their nice coating of petroleum-based wax). After removing that abomination, I bit into what turned out to be a tasteless crisp mouthful of nothing. I'm remembering foods from less than 30 years ago tasting MUCH better. Have we processed that quality out of our daily fare in the submission to big agribusiness?


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