Monday, May 28, 2012

Street Bread Vendor

Today's picture was taken in Jerusalem in 1890. It shows vendors selling fresh bread on the street. I have a feeling this bread is delicious. I can remember as a child going to Old Mexico, and vendors would sell bread on the street. It was hot out of the oven, and was some of the best bread I had ever eaten. Wonder if anyone out there has bought bread from a street vendor?


  1. Farmers market is the closes I've gotten to a street vendor.
    Just as long as you didn't drink the water.

  2. Our Farmers Market offers great breads, cranberry walnut is my fav. A lady would come to the hospital I worked at and had great selections, but the higher ups shut her down.

    1. Yeah, someone was making a little money that they didn't get their share of.

  3. I have never bought bread from a street vendor, unless a hot dog on the streets of DC counts.

    I love this photo. The expressions on their faces is priceless. The one with the red jacket and white turban looks like he has a migraine either that or he is getting a vision. The other fellow looks rather dyspeptic. T have often seen just such a look on my kids' faces while doing math.

  4. I use to buy bread from a one-eyed little old lady named Sadie. She brought up a family of 8 and always cooked on a wood stove (that takes talent!), until 2009 when she went into a nursing home at aged 92. Her bread, her pies, any baking I would crawl over broken glass to get to.
    But the new generation, her grand daughter, she burns water.

  5. My wife and I used to buy bread from a truck mounted street vendor in Greece. Still hot from the oven and close to being the best bread we have ever eaten.
    While Farmers Market bread can be good, it usually doesn't hold a candle to true, still warm bakers bread

  6. When I was a kid and staying at my aunts place at the beach I would walk down to the beach about 7am when a small 'A' framed store opened. It was a convenience store and in the morning they had fresh warm home made baked bread. I would buy a loaf and then walk down to the deserted beach and sit on a big piece of driftwood and enjoy at least half the loaf. One of those small memories you never forget.

  7. Whenever we did a Sunday drive to the beach town of Seaside from Portland, Or (about 90 miles away) we would always stop at the bakery and buy several loaves of freshly baked bread. They very seldom ever made it home.

  8. Hi I love your blog !.
    I believe this one is not an actual photograph, but rather a paint, there are some clues, the shadows are only present in the front part of the image and not in the back and there is too much detail for such and old picture.

  9. It does appear to be a photograph, colored using the photochrome method of adding color in multiple layers.

    More Info

  10. In the Lebanon - particularly in the hills above Beirut where we sampled it - you can buy "mountain bread" in kiosks along the side of the road. They make it for you while you wait on a hot convex plate which looks like a large upside-down wok. It is very thin and is pliable, with brittle thinner spots in it, and is delicious.


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