Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Watermelon Vine

Today's picture was taken in Kansas in 1939. It shows a man in his garden displaying a fine looking watermelon. 

I have had lots of difficulty growing watermelons in the past. It takes the melons a long time to mature and it always seems like something happens to the vines before the melons are ready. I have tried several times, but have always been disappointed.

Also, it is pretty much impossible to buy a good melon in the grocery stores. The good melons are sold on the side of the road out of the back of old pickups. Wow, now I am hungry for a good watermelon!


  1. That almost looks like a Black Diamond water melon. Yes the best one are sold out of a truck beside the road. But the problem they don't come up to North Dakota any more,
    And as far as I'm concerned the Black Diamond is far and away the very best there is. But there probably are a few that I haven't tasted.
    And yes, I too want some watermelon now.

  2. Wow, that is amazing! :) YUM! We have some watermelon downstairs but apparently I have to wait until tomorrow breakfast time!!! :)

  3. Can anyone tell me the approximate present cost of a watermelon in the US, please? I'm just doing an online shop with one of our major supermarkets (Tesco) and they are selling a whole watermelon for GBP 3.00 and this is claimed to be a "special offer" reduced from GBP 4.00 ! I make that out to be about USD 4.83
    (I wish we had pickups selling them at the roadside.)

  4. currently Kroger has watermelon from Florida at USD $5.99 each. That price will go down as the local growers get their crops in.

  5. Thanks for that, Marie. A lot of us over here call our country "rip-off Britain" because we always seem to get the bad end of the price charts but the watermelon seems reasonable. (Mind you, I'll bet it is neither as big nor as tasty as the ones over The Pond. :-))

  6. I know I've missed out on some good summer fun because I have never liked watermelon. I can appreciate how refreshing they LOOK, but no thanks to eating any type of melon. I don't think they would grow well here. We are trying pumpkins for the first time and they're hardened off and ready for planting after school today. :)

  7. Try planting a few seeds in a compost heap or a garden box heavy in manure. Plant in hills. Ask around to see what works best in your area. I like the convenience of the smaller varieties. Delicious - ice cold.

    Don't give up.

  8. I usually have-no trouble growing melons. The relatively sandy soil in southern Maryland is great for melons. I once grew a Rattlesnake melon that weighed 35 pounds. It was delicious. You've got me hankering for some watermelon, now, too, PJM!

    Melons in stores now are about six bucks a melon. Later on in the summer, the Amish have their kids sell them on the roadside for around a buck a melon.

    I wish I could grow delphiniums and lupines here. It is just too hot.

  9. I live down in Florida, and you can a big delicious melon for $2.00 from the road side guys.
    It spoils you.


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