Saturday, May 19, 2012


Welcome to Windmill Week here at OPOD. We will travel back to the days that we used the wind for useful work. Windmills were a critical element in settling the west as they brought water to the areas of the frontier not near rivers. Windmills had already been used in Europe for hundreds of years to power flour and other milling operations. Somewhere along the way we decided it was better to strip mine and use coal to make electricity.

Luckily, we do appear to be getting back to wind power. AeroMotor, one of the original manufacturers of windmills for water wells, has a manufacturing plant in San Angelo, Texas. They make windmills just like the original ones in the old West. They ship them all over the country and all over the world. 


  1. When we lived at the old farmstead (as a kid), we did not have electricity. It was available but then we would have had to wire up every thing to use it.
    Our wind mill ran 24/7 to pump cold water into a large cement tank before the water went to the livestock.
    That sement tank was our cooler, and we would put every thing we wanted to keep cold into large jars and put them into the water in that tank.
    Didn't need it during the winter time though.
    We took real good care of that windmill.

  2. I had a windmill on my last property that actually worked to pump the house water. This was just 15 years ago, and I still remember the sound of the blades turning. The up flow was 75 feet to a 1,000 gallon tank on a tower, and the overflow of that filled the lower tank below. As an artist, I painted the blades when it went up, and it was a joy to watch (I used spray cans, probably cost me $35). Here's a photo of it as I used to see it from my studio window...

    1. WOW!!!
      What a neat job you did on that windmill.
      People, this is a must see.
      Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. My friends Grandpa had a farm and a really nice, big windmill. I used to love watching that thing go around.

  4. Quite the paint job. That is a ROY G BIV windmill if I ever saw one. (ROY G BIV was a mnemonic that they taught us in high school science to remember the colors of the rainbow, in order, no less. Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo and Violet.)

  5. There is a delightful Windmill Park in Shattuck, OK. We try to take different backroads as we travel between TX & WY and just happened upon it in 2007. Their website is and the Oct 2010 photo has an overall shot of the windmills.

  6. one thin i know windmills i remember allus wawked better upright than when they were layin flat like in this hyar photo today

  7. Hesh up Zerelda, you best be gettin back to your mendend stead of talkin on this here puter

  8. The Grimes sisters are cracking me up. They are a RIOT!

  9. I'm going to guess it's an IXL made in Kalamazoo, Mich. Nice photography btw.


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