Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Butcher Window

Now this is something you do not see every day . . . window shopping for a turkey! The picture was taken in 1940 in Connecticut. I am not sure if you take the turkey home live, or if the butcher takes it in the back and does the dirty work for you.


  1. Oh, how times have changed. The USDA would be all over that shop in today sanitary system.

    I guess there was no talk of e-coli back in those days, or we didn't know about e-coli back then.

  2. Turkey for the main meal with rabbit appetizers!

    We got a fresh turkey one year for Thanksgiving; we did the dirty work, as you called it, ourselves. We didn't figure turkey feathers would be much harder to pluck than chicken feathers. We were wrong, very wrong.

  3. Looking at the wording on the glass I can make out The words Poultry Market and Retail. Maybe they sell just the live poultry and you have the option of starting a "Chickie Town" of your own. The turkey looks a little small.

  4. Not just the USDA, like DADD mentions, but PETA too. They'd probably picket the shop and the turkey would be taken to some absurd animal rescue farm for turkeys and then everyone would drive home undernourished feeling sanctimonious, driving the thing that kills more of everything, humans and animals, than about anything else going, the car.

    There's never been a perfect world, but it does seem that a lot of people lived a lot closer to the real world in the past. . . perhaps that's why we like to look at old photos of it.

  5. More and more people have been brought up in a ‘sterilized’ world and I mean ‘mentally sterilized’. They go to the grocery store and the food is neat and plastic wrapped. They don’t see the living animal before it is killed. If more people had to pick out their living animal and see it killed and then butchered…..I think there would be a lot more vegetarians.

    1. You can include me in that group!

  6. I remember watching the Sunday chicken have its head chopped off then run around briefly, headless. I also was one of the designated chicken pluckers afterwards -- at just 5 years of age.

    Chicken is still mighty tasty to me. I think knowing where and how your meal was raised and slaughtered is a good thing.

  7. Nowadays you can pick your live Maine lobster out of the tank, but this is something different! I saw a wild turkey once in the mountains as I was riding my motorcycle. First and only live turkey I can remember seeing!

  8. I wish I knew where in Hartford that store was as my Dad and Grandfather ran a butcher shop there in the 1940's. I looked closely, but the boys in the background are not my Dad! Yes, my Dad had to pluck all the turkeys they sold at Thanksgiving, and yes it was a smelly, difficult job. They plunged the turkeys in boiling water to loosen the feathers, and my Dad said it stunk!!!!

  9. There are still places where you can go pick out your chicken, rabbit, Guinea Hen or duck....in Philadelphia! Yes...in the city. It's all clean and legal,and there are no starving protesters. You have several options as far as how you want to purchase your meal...they will kill and clean it for you, or you can have them kill it and then you do the cleaning yourself.
    I drive past this place in the morning several times a month....and there are always people waiting in line to get their fresh bunny.


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