Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day at Beach

Ah, remember when a great day was an afternoon at the beach playing in the water and the sand? I know some people still go to the beach, but it just does not seem the same. I hope the child has sun screen on!


  1. I see a lot of sentimental comments about how things used to be, about playing outside and being creative with what we had. I share this sentimentality, I really do.

    I myself played with Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Erector sets and I can definitely say I miss them all.

    However, there is a flip side to all of this. This isn't thirty years ago, or forty years ago. Today is today and we live in a very different world. The skills required to get through life have changed. Here's a real life example:

    My brother-in-law recently lost his job(he was a foreman for a mechanical contractor - hanging ductwork, installing air conditioning equipment, and so on). When he went to apply at different company, they were only willing to pay him a fraction of what he was making previously. His algebra and geometry skills, once required in the field for calculating duct runs, are all done on computer. Duct is no longer field-fabricated. It is measured from the blueprints by computer, sent to a sheet metal shop and cut by computer, then shipped to the job site where the guys hang the duct. No skill is required for this(in the field). The company I work for is the same way(thank goodness I got into the repair/service field). He had to find a company that does not yet use this system, but I see a day when he won't be able to find work, and he has no computer skills to speak of.

    I'm 39 years old and still have Legos(I went to Seattle two years ago and bought a Lego Space Needle whilst there). Unfortunately(or fortunately, depending on your outlook) we live in a different world now. If we don't get comfortable with computers at a young age, we are already behind in the game of life.

  2. Oh the joy of a bucket and a shovel and a sandy beach! Hours of fun and entertainment. You can build anything you can imagine!

    Great week!

  3. Do you know when this photo was taken?

    Sunscreen wasn't developed until 1938 and I suspect it wasn't in common usage until much later.

  4. Do you suppose that the reason it(going to the beach) was different back then was because most people labored much harder than they do today? Which isn't to say that we don't have millions of people that still work their butts off everyday. But it seems to me that for people back then, a simple day at the beach was a huge reprieve from the every days toils. Even housework required much more physical work than it does today. Life was simpler back then "work hard and play easy".

  5. Kids ket killed and maimed every year by logs that are rolling in the surf! I hope this girl survived.

  6. Cindy, I think you are right. I've been going through old photos from my parents' childhoods, and there are many beach photos. It seems to me they got together with friends and family often, swam, fished, went boating, much more than people I know today. I suspect my parents' lack of AC made cooling off in water an attractive activity on a summer day. This photograph is charming!

  7. I have four sons who are now aged between 26 and 40 years old. They decided, about 17 years ago, to hold a "bro"lympics. The games were miniture golf, darts, watermelon eating, boats made from folded paper, frisbee golf, baseball batting practice, and whatever else came to their minds. Points were awarded for each event, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. If there was a tie on total points, they settled it with a game of Ro-Shaam-Bo.

    Ro-Shaam-Bo was played at a table with a salad collander and a rolled up newspaper by each finalist. They would play rock-paper-scissors. Whoever won would pick up their rolled up newspaper and try to hit the other on the head before the other could put their collander on their head. This would go on for 15 - 20 minutes, fast and furious, until one of them would forget which thing they were supposed to pick up, and get hit on the head.

    The night before the "games" they would all sit at the kitchen table and make trophies out of Femo Clay. They would bake them in the oven until done. The tropies were quite creative, including a little toilet which was given as a consolation prize.

    Believe it or not, they still get together to have a "bro"lympics every few years. Their friends and children get involved and it is an uproarious good time.


  8. There is a wonderful web site for the Toy Hall of Fame.

  9. Don't be a downer James.....

    Good picture today !

  10. Five of our granddaughters have been here all month & we have spent many of those days at the beach on a nearby lake. They found a log just like the one in the picture & have had great fun with it. (No surf here.). Except for the swimsuit, my pictures are just the same.
    I do not think there was any practical sunscreen until the late 1980s. When I had to protect my face from the sun because of lupus back then, my choices were white zinc oxide or Clinque makeup.

  11. It is the same. You are older.

  12. Ocean City, NJ, a family island beach community, is just about like I remember it from the 1950s & 60s, yet with newer technology. I will be there in three weeks!


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