Saturday, July 21, 2012

Toy Week

Welcome to Toy Week here at OPOD. We kick things off with this picture from 1915 showing children playing with toys from the day. The first peculiar thing you will notice is that the children are OUTSIDE! Wow, what a novel concept. Also note that they are actually doing something, not just pushing buttons with their thumbs. There is no telling what these children grew up to be.


  1. Great PIC. I have noticed lately at least in our small town more and more kids outside skipping rope; drawing with chalk on the sidewalk; did my heart good.


  2. What a charming photo.
    My cousin and I didn't have such "fancy" toys. We would build "corrals" out of small stones and find interesting pebbles of different colors to be our horses. The spotted pebbles were highly valued as they became the pintos. I think that all this "make believe" helps a kid's imagination grow.

  3. I always liked to play with rocks and sticks, and pine cones and moss and whatever else I could find outside. I used to make little villages. I also loved to catch salamanders and frogs in the woods. I enjoyed finding as many different colored violets as possible. The yellow ones were treasured for their rarity.

    1. I was the same as a child, only I included snakes in my hunt! I was thought of as 'odd' because no one else did that, at least not the girls. Glad to hear that someone else did! Yes, we had to use our imagination. I made things from a clay mixture I found in my driveway.. I too remember the yellow violets. I wonder if there are any around now?

  4. I love this theme...I am so excited to see what's to come! :-D

  5. I used to have a Radio Flyer when I was a kid - looks much like the wagon pictures with different wheels. I would walk around the neighborhood and collect snails after the rains and put them in the wagon.
    I was saddened when I read Radio Flyer was moving its manufacturing outside the U.S.

  6. The child with his back to the post looks like Jackie Cooper.

  7. My sister and I used to pick daisies and put them in a green glass container (Depression ware, which I still use) and sit the box in the sun to make "Baked Eggs". My grandfather, bless him, swore they were the best he ever tasted.

  8. My sisters and I played "house" outside. We would gather weeds and plants for our salads and rocks for potatoes and pieces of rubber for our meat. You can't even find rubber anymore (I suppose it must have been pieces of inner tubes? ? ?) Kept us busy and entertained many a summer day.


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