Friday, July 27, 2012

Window Shopping

Today's picture shows children window shopping, looking at toys in a Christmas display. I can remember growing up and seeing such displays at stores. It seems like it is a lot less common these days, as most stores are more in a Mall type of setting, and not so many with windows facing streets.


  1. Except for "down town" in some places, that is pretty much true. But look how much cooler the stuff in the windows was back then. One of my favorite things to do when traveling, is to hit every small town I can and stop in the little stores that still have window fronts. Its where I find my greatest "treasures"
    Great Picture.

  2. Simpler times. Kids wearing ‘plus fours’. The baseball caps with massive advertising had not become popular. Kids were amazed at Christmas because it was a time of year that ‘amazement’ was everywhere. Back then kids were amazed with a little. Today it seems kids need a lot more to be amazed.
    I’m guessing the photo is from the late 1920’s early 30’s. I found this video worth watching. You’ll like the car for ‘women’.

  3. LOL I had to Google 'Plus Fours' to see what those are.

    I hate the new trend of paying thirty or forty dollars to wear a t-shirt or hat advertising a company's product. Shouldn't they be paying me?

    I love this picture. I never got to see large displays such as this growing up.

  4. In downtown Des Moines, IA when I was a kid there was a Younkers store. Santa was always in the Christmas windows which were right on the street

  5. As a child many years ago, going to see the window displays in the large department stores was one of the highlights of the Christmas season.


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