Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hauling Lumber

Today's picture shows donkeys packing large pieces of lumber. It looks like the lumber has been milled recently, so perhaps it is being taken to a job location. The picture was taken in Colorado.


  1. Gosh, talk about a set of blinders! I know donkeys are sturdy and all, but I can't help feeling sorry for these animals with their extra long loads. It must have been a tough haul for them.
    -Anne K.

  2. It looks strange to us, but it seems to be a pretty "efficient" system of hauling long pieces of lumber -- as long as the donkey doesn't panic.

  3. Yeah, those donkeys don't really look like they are having fun.

  4. By the time the burros get to the end of the trail, those boards will be worn out from dragging on the ground. Not a very good way to pack lumber, the packer should have balanced the loads better. I have old photos taken in Idaho of mules packing pipe, cable, lumber and large mining equipment. One fellow used milk cows to pack supplies and sold the milk to the miners.
    TLM in Idaho

  5. Those are some pretty big planks for those Donkey's to be dragging.


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