Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Indian Couple

This is another really nice photochrome print of an Indian Couple. The picture was taken in 1899. We do not know where they are from, but the man's name was Jose Jesus, and the woman is his wife. I love how sophistication of their clothing, and the cane is a nice touch. It really makes you wish you knew more of their story. 


  1. Both sets of eyes are looking to their left. They must have been told to look in that direction. I think it makes them look less wooden doing that than if they were staring right into the camera.


  2. "1899 Photochrome Print of Pueblo Indians Jose Jesus and his wife".

    I follow all those good pictures of this week, many thanks for sharing!

  3. All dressed up. The roses on the woman's clothing are a nice touch.

  4. likely looking at the photographer. With view big cameras, the photographer typically steps to the right of the camera to reach the lens shutter.


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