Sunday, August 24, 2014


Do you remember your favorite part of school? Mine was recess. This was back when we had fun equipment on the playground, you know, the kind you could get hurt on. The picture above shows a playground around 1900. It looks like hey are on a seesaw, but I am not sure what the structure in the background is.


  1. It looks like a swing with facing seats.

  2. Oh! I always loved those swings! My sister and I would sit - or stand - on them for hours, playing "street car" - and if that doesn't tell you how old I am, nothing will.

  3. In Long Cove they're called a "giant stride." A quick web search will show a better angle.


  4. We called those see-saws "teeter-totters." There was an old rhyme that began, "Teeter-totter, bread and water..." but I don't remember the rest. There was nothing more fun than getting a little kid who weighed less up in the air on one end, and then jumping off. (What's the statute of limitations on playground tomfoolery?)


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