Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School House

This is a picture of an old one room school house. While the board walls do not look like they would offer much resistance to keep the cold out, I bet that pot bellied stove kept it nice and toasty in there. The picture was taken in 1916. The picture was taken in Kentucky, and during planting or harvest seasons, many students would not come to school because the family needed them to help work in the fields.


  1. I bet someone got the honor of getting there early on winter mornings to get the stove fired up. It would be interesting to know if their school books were as worn as the building seems to be.

    1. Most likely the books were as worn as the building. You'll notice both of these one room schools are Black schools. I think "separate but (un)equal" started pretty early.

  2. Looks like everyone wore a hat

  3. I bet you got a right smart amount of reading, writing & arthritic back then !


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