Friday, August 22, 2014

Wheat Harvest

Today's picture shows the Wheat Harvest. The picture was taken in Ohio in 1938. This farmer is still doing things the old fashioned way with horses. 


  1. Your series on Harvest has been most interesting. The one today is a priceless portrait. I hope someone in his family still have this photo.

  2. Not as old fashioned, at that time, as it might seem. A fairly high percentage of farming was conducted with draft animal power at that time, and the Great Depression had slowed mechanization of agriculture down. North America didn't really have fully petroleum fueled crop agriculture until probably the late 1950s.

    Photos like this always make me feel that we lost something in that conversion. There are still people, of course, who work with animals, but not very many in this way. After centuries of close working with animals, we've gotten away from it for most people, whose only really close connection with animals is with pets, which just isn't the same thing. I've tried to blog about it here: but I think a lot of people don't really have the same sort of sense about it.

  3. He's the spitting image of former Sec of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.


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